Alternatives For Your Pint Glass

Being able to enjoy a good glass of beer is an acquired taste that only a few select individuals will develop throughout their lifetime. Some people aren’t willing to drink beer on regular basis, while others may be completely put off the flavour of the first beer they taste if it is not to their liking.
On the other hand, those who are able to appreciate the complex flavour of a beer will soon find themselves searching all over the place for exotic flavours: nowadays it is quite commonplace to craft beer Melbourne, including exotic varieties only available in specific countries.As enjoying quality beer is quite a complex process itself, you need to have the right tools for the job: while they are not really expensive per se, ensuring that you have a compatible set of glassware for the type of beer you are going to drink will help with bringing out its flavour. Those with a knack for drinking beer may even feel a completely different taste when changing their glass for something else.  

When we think of glassware for drinking beer, common pint glasses are what comes to most people’s minds first. Nevertheless, you may want to check out the following alternatives if you seem to drink something other than lager or American beers quite frequently: 

Beer Mugs

Beer mugs are enormous: they can hold a lot of beer inside, which is perfect for beers with low-alcohol percentages. The simple shape of beer mugs also gives them some other beneficial qualities: they are easy to use, cheap and quite sturdy. Their insulated handles will prevent the beer from warming up too much if you like to take your time drinking it. Beer mugs are a common sight in England and Germany, but they are also popular in America.

The Goblets

Perfect for drinking heavier beers like malty Belgian ales, goblets have a unique shape that allows the user to properly ascertain the flavour of the beer and its aroma profile. Goblets come in different sizes and shapes, with some of them having decorative linings made or silvery materials.

Pilsner Glasses

Pilsner glasses are tall, skinny glass containers designed for drinking lighter beers like most pilsners (hence the name). Some other major differences between conventional beer glasses and pilsner glasses include the almost complete absence of a curvature on the top side of the container and a slightly lower capacity when compared to pint glasses. Even then, pilsner glasses are quite popular in European territories as they allow you to fully appreciate a beer’s flavour without restrictions.

Sampler Glasses

These are not really meant to enjoy your beer, but rather to sample a new beer variety or taste. Typically found in bars and pubs, you can also consider getting a set for yourself to taste your new craft beer online purchase with your friends without the need to completely empty all of your bottles.

These are only a tiny amount of the various types of glassware that beer lovers all over the world use. Research about other varieties as well when making a purchase: ultimately, it all depends on what kind of beers you usually taste as well as your personal preferences when it comes to the shape and size of the glasses themselves.